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Our Menu

Single Kabobs- Comes with a plate of rice or fries and salad
Tikka Kabob $9.49
(Marinated chunks of tenderloin beef) 
Kofta Kabob $8.49
( 2 skewers of lean ground beef or chicken )
Chicken Shawarma $7.99
(Strips of juicy seasoned meat)
Chicken Kabob $8.49
(Grilled chunks of chicken leg)
Chicken Breast $9.49
(Grilled pieces of seasoned chicken breast)
Chapli Kabob $8.49
(Juicy patty of mined beef)
Lamb Chop $13.49
(Grilled tender lambs with perfect seasoning)
Chicken Karahi $13.99
T. Bone steak $13.99 $13.99

Kabob Combos

Plate of rice or fries and salad included
Waziri Kabob  $12.49
(Chicken breast and chicken kofta)
Shawarma Special  $9.49
(Chicken Shawarma and kofta kabob)
Sultani Kabob $10.49
(Chicken kabob and chicken kofta)
Babori Kabob  $11.49
(Tikka Kabob and Kofta Kabob)
Laghman Kabob   $15.49
(Lamb Chop and Kofta Kabob)
Bakhtar Kabob  $12.49
(juicy pieces of filet mignon marinated to perfection)


Bakhtar Salad $4.99
(Light and crunchy salad consisting of tomato, onion, cucumber, lettuce, and feta cheese)

Vegetarian Choices

Veggie Mince $9.49 ( skewers of veggie mince)
Veggie Chapli  $8.49 (vegetarian variant  patty)
Veggie Mantoo (Afghan Raviolis )
Medium (6 pieces)  $5.49
Large (12 pieces)  $8.49


Soft drinks
Can  $1.00
Bottle $1.99
Dough $1.49 (Glass of Afghan cold yoghourt drink)

Bakhtar Specials
Mantoo-Bakhtar special

Mantoo (Afghan Meat Raviolis)
Medium (6 pieces)  $5.49
Large (12 pieces) $8.49
Bolani $3.99 (Afghan fried flatbread, filled with onion, herbs, and potato)
Kabuli Pulao $3.99
(Famous afghan rice dish with fried carrots and raisins)


Firni $2.99 (Creamy Afghan rice pudding)
Baklava $3.00


Salad $2.49
Rice $2.49
Kabuli Pulao $3.99


All wraps are marinated with special sauce
Chicken breast wrap $4.49
Shawarma $4.99
Shami Kabab Wrap $3.99
Veggie wrap $3.99

We reserve the right to change the price without notice.