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Bakhtar kabab

Authentic Afghan cuisine with fresh ingredients and flavorful dishes. Experience the taste of Afghanistan at Bakhtar Kabab.

Bakhtar Kabab's

Top Sellers!


T – Bone steak

(Grilled steak with rice or fries)


Lamb Chops

(Grilled pieces of tender, marinated lamb)


Chicken Breast

(Grilled pieces of seasoned chicken breast)


Chicken Shawarma

(Strips of juicy, seasoned chicken)


Kofta Kabab

( 2 Grilled skewers of ground chicken or beef )


Tikka Kabab

(Chunks of marinated beef tenderloin)


Half Chicken BBQ

(Half chicken with rice or fries)


Balochi Kabab

(Lean ground beef marinated with fresh spices)


BBQ Whole Chicken

(With rice, salad, sauce & nan)


Waziri kabab

(Chicken breast with beef or chicken kofta)


Double Tikka

(Beef tikka with chicken tikka kabab)


Shawarma Special

(Chicken Shawarma with beef or chicken kofta )


Baboori Kabab

(Beef tikka & beef kofta)

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