Bakhtar Kabab

Afghan Delights, Fresh and Flavorful!

Savor the authentic flavors of Afghanistan at Bakhtar Kabab: Fresh ingredients, flavorful dishes, and warm hospitality await you.

We use the freshest ingredients of the highest quality so that you, the customer, receive the tastiest food we can offer you.fresh food This cozy Afghan restaurant draws a crowd with authentic eats. From dumplings and kebabs to hummus and vegetarian dishes, you’ll find plenty of variety.

We’ll make sure to honor our principles in every order so that you won’t be disappointed by our consistency. Try our Bakhtar Kabab, which is sliced butternut squash garnished with exotic herbs, then drizzled in homemade garlic yogurt sauce and served with an Afghan bread. Expect your food to arrive hot and fresh which is just the way we intend it to be.

The stars of the menu are the kababs – there are 10 choices – each cooked to order over charcoal. Choices include boneless chicken thighs, boneless chicken breast, bone-in chicken, seasoned ground beef, chunks of lamb and lamb ribs Combo plates and large portions make it easy to share—and the owner is always happy to make recommendations.

Don’t miss the Bakthar Kabab, a lamb shank surrounded by flavorful rice seasoned with raisins, carrots and almonds. Afghan tea is also a must.


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